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Floor Joist Solutions

Swift Timber Homes Ltd can provide variant solutions to all your floor requirements, from standard site fix loose joists to floor cassette systems which can be pre-insulated complete with flooring. Through our experience with Local Authorities / Housing Associations, and working closely together with Contractors across the North of England, Swift have successfully tried and tested various methods of construction.

Conventional / Solid Joists

joist-conventionalSwift Timber Homes Ltd can supply conventional timber joists that are manufactured from a range of sizes and grades.

Softwood joists are ideal for smaller projects, such as extensions, small dwellings or where relatively short spans are involved. They can be supplied as a loose for on site construction or as floor cassettes for hassle free installation.

I Beam Joists

joist-ibeamStructurally engineered timber joists, also known as I-beams or I-joists, which are manufactured from a high quality OSB web and Kerto (LVL) flanges. I joists are one of the most stable joists available on the market today.

I Beam joists, which are BBA approved and utilise European certified (PEFC) LVL, are factory produced in the UK and have a low and uniform moisture content, thereby avoiding the splitting, warping and twisting so common with solid timber joists. I joists also virtually eradicate shrinkage and its associated problems, resulting in greater floor performance and less snagging later.

All of our joist options are available loose for site fixing or as cassettes which are decked with finish flooring. This reduces site time therefore site completion can be achieved sooner.

All our cassettes come with all joints taped to eliminate water impregnation during the construction stage. Further options include protective flooring either as a peel off film or a pre-finished waterproof deck.

Floor Cassettes are commonly used as a time saving option as time on site is dramatically reduced.