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Swift Eco Housing

Timber frame housing is accepted as the most sustainable method of build and has the lowest Co2 emmissions to any other build.  The Swift Eco System will achieve U Values as low as 0.11 or below and is a truly 'Fabric First' approach to housing.  We can provide you with a frame which can be air tested before any other building works are carried out.  The U Value is at the frame. The system is designed to get as 'near to zero' as possible and we know it works as we have won awards building it.

In addition to this, the Swift Eco System can also offer a build which has long term running cost efficiencies, making savings on energy bills as well as generating an income from your Solar Energy Solutions.  This means that the housing costs are minimal for both private housing and other areas such as social housing.  There are many benefits to building low carbon these days let alone the pressure from the government to move forward with housing projects in this way.

Why choose a Swift Eco System?

  • Achievement of low u-values
  • Winner of 'Best Individual New Home' LABC National Awards 2014
  • Our timber frame panels are higly insulated as standard making them more energy efficient than the current Building Regulations demand
  • Once built these homes are more cost effective to run for any tenant
  • The energy efficiency of timber frame males it more 'environmentally friendly' or a 'greener' way to build
  • If you are aiming towards a certain level of airtightness we can help you to achieve this.  Our solutions do this without effort.

Passive House

passive-houseThe term "passive house" refers to rigorous, voluntary standard energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint.  It results in low-energy buildings that require little energy for space heat and cooling.

Swift Timber Homes have worked with clients to complete these types of projects and we have a wealth of experience in ensuring that you achieve the results you need in order to pass these builds as low carbon housing.

Greendale Cottage in Northumberland, which is detailed in the picture above, won 'Best Individual New Home' in 2014 LABC National Awards.  It is one of the first Passive houses in the UK.  Our client, Philip Newbould, was very happy with the project we worked on with him and would recommend Swift Timber Homes to be involved in this kind of project in the future.

The house is a 2 storey, detached house of 116 sqm (over 2 floors) with an additional non-habitable attic plant room and store (with limited headroom) of 46 sqm. The L-shaped plan has maximum external dimensions of 10.8 x 8.2m. The results speak for themselves. U Values of the timber frame building fabric of 0.1 and Air-tightness is 0.59 at 50pa

"I worked with Swift Timber Homes in developing a double stud timber frame and I-beam roof structure in order to build County Durham's first Band A passive houses in Upper Weardale.  The stone-clad, detached cottage is in a Conservation Area and an AONB qand the finished building has a SAP Energy Rating of 97, an air-tightness level of 0.59 @50Pa and is winner of the Best New Home in the 2014 National LABC Awards.
This excellent, energy-saving performance is due in no small part to the workmanship achieved by Swift Timber Homes in the manufacture and erection of the timber frame."
Phillip Newbould, Director & Passivhaus Consultant